Chief Ian Campbell

Profession Field: Chief, Cultural Ambassador

Annual Hours Pledged:



My Squamish ancestral name is Xalek, from the lineage of Xatslanexw My Chieftain name is Sekyu Siyam from the village of K'ik'elxn (Port Mellon) on west side of Howe Sound I was born on the fourth of June, 1973 I am one of 16 Hereditary Chiefs of the Squamish Nation.

I am currently serving my second term as an elected Councillor for the Squamish Nation Chiefs and Council, appointed as a Political Spokesperson. I have been employed since 1999 as the Cultural Ambassador & Negotiator for the Intergovernmental Relations Department of the Squamish Nation. 

A strong history of protecting and enhancing the Aboriginal Rights and Title of the Squamish Nation, Land Use Planning, Natural Resource Management, Renewable Energy, Forestry, Wildlife Management, Co Management of Provincial Parks and Conservancies. 

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