Frequently Asked Questions

The Golden Eagle is a figure from Shishalh First Nation folklore. Closely akin to the Thunderbird, it is a supernatural creature which represented power, courage, and prestige. But the "prestige" in this case was not based on its power and courage alone but on the good deeds this creature would commit using this power and courage. Golden Eagle was the bird of the people and the stories pertaining to it all revolve around our service to humankind and the notion of building unity to accomplish great feats. It is the perfect representation of what we are attempting to accomplish through this organization. All involved in this endeavour have the Golden Eagle in their heart and have resolved to work together to fight against all odds.

As an organization Golden Eagle employs a number of novel approaches to reaching our mandate of protecting Indigenous lives. The key to our success lay in our volunteers, their experience, and their ideas. We have set up our website as a clearing house for ideas, information, and action. Please browse our site to see it all works.

Volunteering at Golden Eagle is easy! Simply submit our I want to be a Golden Eagle Champion form. You will fill out some information about yourself and a Golden Eagle staff member will be in touch to officially induct you.

Our Champions come from all backgrounds with many different skill sets. As a Champion you would be committing to using your specific skill set for up to 20 hours per year. Once we have information on what you're interested in and what you can do to contribute we will contact you for further steps.

There are numerous ways to contribute to Golden Eagle. As our Volunteers are our biggest strength we would be very pleased with a time commitment. If this interests you please visit the Become a Golden Eagle Champion page. If you wish to make a cash or in-kind donation please click on our Contribute link. After your gift has been recieved you will be able to follow how your donation is used through our online ledger. This system is ground-breaking as it offers real time accountability. This a first that we are aware of in the non-profit world.

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