Dean Montgomery

Profession Field: Corporate Strategy Advisor - Aboriginal Advancement

Annual Hours Pledged:



Dean is Métis and has spent his career working towards the improvement of Indigenous people through economic development.  He specializes in developing and structuring new business partnerships, joint ventures and Aboriginal inclusion strategies with Aboriginal Communities, Corporate Canada, Government, Academic Institutions and Not-for-Profits, that respects the cultures and values of Indigenous people.

Dean works with some of Canada's largest corporations in the energy and natural resource sector and with dozens of First Nations across Canada.  He has a history of creating profitable business growth and fostering Corporate Social Responsibility for corporations; while helping Aboriginal communities and businesses realize an increased volume of business activity with further involvement and ownership in large-scale business opportunities in the resource sectors. He is passionate about teaching methods of positive social impact that the country's best companies can provide for the future of Canada and its peoples.

Dean also has an extensive past in the Not-for Profit sector focusing on social justice for Indigenous communities.  He currently is an advisor and volunteer to the charity Right to Play "Promoting Life Skills in Aboriginal Youth" and Live Different and he has worked with the Ontario Association of Indian Friendship Centres, and the B.C. Aboriginal Mentoring and Training Association and Mentor Nation.

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