Francine Ratrray

Profession Field: Lawyer

Annual Hours Pledged:



Francine is based in Vancouver and has been a member of the bar in British Columbia since 2006. Her practice focuses on First Nation governance and she supports First Nations’ self-sufficiency by strengthening financial management and governance practices. She works with clients to draft by-laws, financial administration and taxation laws, land codes, election and referenda codes, membership codes and a range of agreements. She specializes in elections and membership, and has served as election and ratification officer for elections, referenda and land code ratifications. Francine enjoys assisting clients with the development and implementation of treaties, self-government agreements and constitutions. She also has a special interest in improving health, education and social services, fundamental aspects to realizing the full potential of self-governance.

In addition to governance matters, Francine supports economic development by advising on the duty to consult and accommodate, as well as environmental assessment processes related to natural resource development and joint ventures.

Francine is an active member of the Aboriginal Law Section of the Canadian Bar Association and sits as legal chair of a First Nation property assessment review board. Away from the office, she enjoys endurance trail running, paddling, skiing with her family and learning to play the piano.

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