Jasmine Paul

Profession Field: Rights and Title Director

Annual Hours Pledged:




Jasmine Paul, Rights and Title Director, married to a shíshálh member has a deep family connection and strong commitment to the success and prosperity of the Nation. Jasmine began working for the Nation in 2007 as a researcher in the Department. She was promoted to the position as Director; a role she has filled since 2008.

The Rights and Title Department employs four staff including researchers and GIS technicians. The Department works closely with the Resource Management Department as well as various consultants such as archeologists, foresters, and biologists. Jasmine oversees the implementation of the Nation's lands and resources decision-making process and litigation preparation. Jasmine works with the Chief and Council and Chief Administrative Officer to implement the Nation's strategic plan. The Rights and Title team works diligently to protect the shíshálh title and rights through the review of proposed developments (land, air, and water...etc.) throughout the territory. They work collaboratively and proactively with various industries and assist the Council in negotiations of agreements with residents, industry, federal, provincial, and local governments.

Jasmine also works collaboratively with leadership and colleagues to ensure the objectives of the Nation including the protection of rights and title of the shíshálh Nation territory are achieved.

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