Tamara Goddard

Profession Field: Business Leader

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Tamara Goddard, of Seaulteau and Cree heritage brings her experience as an award-winning entrepreneur together with her skills in creating, evaluating and then reporting on project, programs and services. With a 10 year track record of providing business, organizational and sector-specific research and development coupled with her personal success in the private business sector, Tamara launched Mahigan Consulting.

With Mahigan Consulting, Tamara has facilitated, taught and provided research and strategic development services for organizations such as Aboriginal Tourism BC, BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres, Douglas College, Minerva Foundation, Native Education Centre, Squamish Nation, Sechelt Nation, Musqueam Nation, Siyamin Artist cooperative, First Nations Social Development Society, Assembly of First Nations, Aboriginal Education Department and First Nations Social Development Society. Mahigan Consulting researches, develops and implements productive, cooperative and social business models in the areas of social development, health, education, fuel distribution and eco-friendly mining & building products.

Tamara is currently a Master’s Candidate at SFU specializing in Aboriginal Business and Leadership. Tamara’s primary focus is the study of traditional Aboriginal theory and how this theory can effectively co-mingle within the current western systems in a complimentary fashion. To do this, Tamara studies, compares and integrates Aboriginal values and knowledge verification with that of the western culture’s systems.

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