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Protecting our Elders against the spread of Coronavirus

Among our Indigenous communities' most precious resources are our Elders. Aside from holding our hearts they also carry our Indigenous world views, culture, and even our laws. They are repositories of knowledge about our languages, land base, resources, history, philosophy, spirituality, psychology, and so much more.

In light of the current pandemic of Covid 19 (the "CoronaVirus") the Elders within our Indigenous communities are facing a significant risk to their health and safety. Accordingly, we must act now and take decisive and timely action to protect our most precious resources.

Operation Elder Shelter is a community-driven initiative aimed at doing whatever is necessary to meet our goal. These actions will include: Ensuring Elders are briefed on how best to protect themselves, Providing protective means (Gloves, Masks, Disinfectant, Hand Sanitizer, and so on), Housing strategies, Food Security, and more.

Below we will document the actions being undertaken, and progress being made.

Please consider donating to this worthy project. Using our online, realtime ledger you will be able to follow how your gift is being used. We commit to being 100% accountable to those placing their trust in us.

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March 23, 2020

Elder Protection Package Prep

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