Clam Garden

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Photos by Mary Morris and John Harper.

Historically clams were one of the most important Indigenous food sources on the coast of British Columbia. They were a reliable, protein-rich, vitamin-rich, and easily accessible resource that sustained large populations.

In order to nurture this vital food over many generations our Indigenous communities developed Clam Gardens. These were walled off areas of the sea where sophisticated management techniques were employed thus increasing the clam harvest several-fold.

Due to displacement and pressures from the European settler society Clam Gardens became disused and forgotten. For many decades despite overwhelming evidence of their existence, and the patent importance to our Indigenous diets, Clam Gardens were not even acknowledged until relatively recently.

Through our Clam Garden Initiative Golden Eagle will devote considerable resources and expertise to re-establishing and maintaining these remarkable innovations.

It is our goal to bring back this much needed food source as a staple in our Indigenous diets.